Finding Courage: Aries New Moon and the Mars Return in USA Chart

Aries New Moon
The Courage to Emerge

The April 11 Aries New Moon marks the beginning of the natural “zodiac year” and Springtime for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but it also marks an auspicious new 2-year cycle in the USA.  On March 9, Mars makes its return to the same position it held in the sky at the “birth” of the USA on July 4, 1776.  What does this mean exactly?

Chiron in USA 4th

Because Mars is the natural ruler for the sign Aries, it impacts the USA’s 4th sector of home, emotional foundation, historical roots, and security.  Adding to that is the fact that Chiron (wounded healer) in Aries occupies the 4th house in the USA natal chart, and this means that for the next two years we will be experiencing courageous healing in the “homeland”.

What are Returns?

Every planet has its own rhythm and cycle as it moves through the zodiac.  Each year we experience a solar return that marks the return of the Sun to its position in the sky at the time of our birth, providing a theme for that year from birthday to birthday.

Venus also returns to its natal position every year, describing how we can best navigate our resources and relationships.  Mars returns every two years, and the snapshot of the sky at the point of its return describes our relationship with courage, valor, pioneering principles, and taking action.

The same Springtime “fire” that drives a blade of grass through the ground, or a blossom to burst forth overnight, is the same energetic principle of emergence at work with Mars.

Courage (Mars) Returns

For the United States, the fact that Mars makes its return just two days before the Aries New Moon is auspicious, to say the least.  For a nation in turmoil, and a people so divided, it may not seem like healing is even remotely possible, but every path to healing requires courage.

Mars Return Chart 2021

No matter what is going on in the world, it is the individual (Aries) who must have courage to look within for answers, for insight, for wisdom, and take action to establish healthy boundaries.  For all of us the April 11 New Moon is about finding individual courage wherever Aries falls in our birth chart.

In my chart, Aries rules the 6th house of health, healing, and daily routines, and it is in this area that I choose to exercise courage.  When it comes to health and healing, we are all quite unique. What is right for one may not be right for all, and a one-size-fits-all approach to managing any illness only leads to greater disease en masse.

While some may feel there is no other way to preserve health besides receiving an injection that has not been rigorously tested or proven beyond doubt to be effective, I will be holding the line for those who, like me, choose to refuse any such pressure or mandate.

What I see in this chart is a real potential to get back to our roots (4th house) as courageous individuals (Aries) who are willing to speak out (Mars in Gemini) against an establishment that seeks to control daily living in the name of “health” (Mars in the 6th).

Sun, Chiron, Venus conjunction

The Path to Healing (Chiron in Aries, 4th House)

Because Mars rules Aries naturally, it informs the USA’s Chiron in Aries in the 4th sector of “homeland”, emotional security, historical roots and foundation.  Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries (pioneer, warrior) joins forces with Sun at 19 Aries in the Mars Return chart.

More importantly, the angle which rules home, family, and security in this Mars Return chart (IC), is at 24 Aries, and conjuncts the USA’s natal Chiron, adding emphasis to the energy for healing taking place in this sector over the next two years.

North Node conjunct 7th House Cusp

The North Node at 12 Gemini symbolizing direction and destiny unfolding, conjuncts Mars at 21 Gemini, and receives energy and momentum from Mars.  Since it makes an exact conjunction to the  USA’s natal 7th House cusp, it can signify receiving rewards for past efforts.

Public Mood – A Wake Up Call

The moon, which symbolizes public mood, occupies 17 Pisces and conjuncts Neptune at 21 Pisces, while both the Moon and Neptune form a square to Mars at 21 Gemini.

Pisces Moon and Neptune square to Mars

Out of all the aspects, the square is the one that creates the kind of intense internal conflict that motivates us to take action towards resolving the tension.  While there is great compassion and sensitivity in the Pisces Moon/Neptune conjunction, there is also a tendency for complacency.

The downside of this conjunction can bring with it a veil of illusion and an attitude that perpetuates “going with the flow” in one’s environment rather than creating healthy boundaries (Aries).  It would seem that this Mars return and the square to Pisces Moon and Neptune is bringing with it the opportunity for a massive wake up call.

The good news is that the Sun at 19 Aries with Venus at 23 conjunct the 4th house angle as well as create a harmonious sextile to Mars at 21 Gemini.

Unlike trines that feel effortless, sextiles create opportunities that require personal action in order to capitalize on the growth potential; just another indicator that conscious action is required for making the most of Mars’s courage and action.

Looking Ahead to 2023

Our personal health contributes to, or diminishes, our planet’s wellbeing, and vice versa. The dance of energetic reciprocity is always operating. The question is: are we aware of the power we possess to consciously create a positive outcome?? If you want to learn more listen to my conversation with Simran Singh on 11:11 Talk Radio.

By the next Mars Return, occurring on March 6, 2023, we will have a positive line up involving Jupiter, Chiron, and Venus in Aries conjunct the Aries Ascendant.   It may be a slower process or rockier road than we would like, but we will get there.

Blessings to all,