Taurus New Moon: Beautiful New Beginnings bring Nature’s Bounty

May 11 Taurus New Moon
May 11 Taurus New Moon

Today’s Taurus New Moon at 21:17 Taurus holds especially positive energy for building new and beautiful foundations that support sustainable living.  Although it’s not a process that can happen overnight, this new moon activates the energy, and is as reliable and stable as the sign Taurus itself.

Venus rules Taurus, and in this chart we find Venus in the sign of Gemini, for which movement, curiosity, and practical forms of communication are important.

USA Uranus activated
USA Uranus activated by New Moon’s ruler Venus and Mercury

Many harmonious aspects are supporting movement toward a better future for our nation and the world, two of which involve Uranus, the planet signifying group reform.

Not only is transiting Uranus forming a wide conjunction to the Taurus New Moon, we also have the USA’s natal Uranus being activated at the time of this new moon.

As a society, we are wanting to reform systems that have historically been causing harm to the environment as well as to the economy, and are now moving toward the creation of systems that support and enhance our natural world.

Gemini: Communication is the Way Forward

Since Venus occupies Gemini, the way that we get there is through communication.   Mercury rules Gemini, making its influence stronger. Since we have both Mercury and the New Moon’s ruler, Venus, in the sign of Gemini, there is a great deal of emphasis on communicating and networking between people to achieve results.

Mercury also conjuncts the USA’s 7th house cusp, the realm of “relating”, and by contrast opposes the USA’s Ascendant in Sagittarius.  Anytime a planet forms a hard aspect to an angle (conjunction, opposition, or square), its energy intensifies.

Sagittarius South Node: Past Foreign Interests

The fact that the South Node currently occupies Sagittarius is a strong indicator that we are moving away from complicated legalities and foreign influences, and moving instead toward tending to our immediate environment (Gemini).  What is right for one person may not be right for everyone, and vice versa, and this will be taken into consideration as we move forward throughout the rest of the year.

While the new moon cycle only lasts about a month, Uranus will stay in Taurus until 2026.  So the good news is that we, as a people (Uranus) are slowly but surely building a peaceful and sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.

Resolving the Square between Saturn and Uranus

The ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus represents tension between an old regime (Saturn), and society’s desire to reform current systems (Uranus).  However, the fact that Saturn occupies Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, means that Uranus has the upper hand.  The old regime must fall in line with what the people want, and its time for the people to let their voices be heard.

Neptune Resolves the Tension
Neptune as Mediator
Neptune is the Midpoint Resolution to Saturn-Uranus Square

Another interesting feature contributing to the resolution of the square between Saturn and Uranus is Neptune in Pisces. Neptune holds more weight in its own sign, and as it occupies the midpoint between Saturn and Uranus,  it shows us how to resolve the tension between the old and the new.

Neptune represents spirituality, dreaming visions into reality without getting caught up in “how” it is supposed to look or happen.  Neptune teaches us to stay in the moment, and trust divine providence.

When we put our faith in manmade or material “things” we usually find out at some point how and why they are not ideal.  Neptune asks that we maintain faith in the divine plan, the details of which we cannot yet see.

Neptune opposition to USA Neptune; harmonious aspects to Taurus New Moon

Interestingly enough, Neptune at 22 Pisces forms an exact opposition to the USA’s Neptune at 22 Virgo.

Oppositions bring matters to a close, and what we are completing is a cycle in which we have gotten caught up in the minutia and details, especially where health and daily routine are concerned.  Neptune in Pisces now requires us to incorporate, and trust, a more spiritual perspective.

Neptune also forms a sextile to the New Moon at 21 Taurus, while the Taurus New Moon forms a trine to USA’s Neptune at 22 Virgo.  This emphasizes that we are in divine hands, and we are empowered to capitalize on this support with the kind of faith that is as strong and stalwart as the earthly sign Taurus.

This Taurus New Moon and the energies that support it emphasize the irrefutable truth that nature is life-giving, healing, and sustainable.  Nothing humans create to “improve upon nature” can ever override its regenerative power.

The ability to acquire all that we desire

Must be rooted in love from Heaven above

Our senses are gifts sent from spirit to earth

Without these in balance we can’t know our true worth

Material goods and physical pleasure

Are fine in themselves when taken in measure

The source of all wonder and riches we hold

come from heaven above where gifts dwell manifold

May Nature’s Bounty bless us all,