Full Moon in Aquarius August 15

With today’s full moon, the energies of which last around 2-4 weeks, we have a T-square from Vesta and Sedna to the Sun and Moon in opposition to each other. Vesta forms an exact square at 22 degrees, and Sedna is at 27 degrees, forming a square with a 5 degree orb, since the Sun and Moon are both at 22 degrees in their respective signs of Leo and Aquarius. But the Sun is also making an exact conjunction to Venus at 22 degrees Leo, so Vesta and Sedna are forming a square to Venus as well. In the Leo mix, we also have Juno at 26 degrees and Mars at 27 degrees.

Mercury, at 4 degrees Leo is also forming a square to Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus. So there is a 90-degree angle causing tension in this dialog between the energies of Taurus and Leo, as well as from Taurus to the full moon in Aquarius.

The conjunction of Sun, Venus, Juno, and Mars in Leo, with Mercury following suit, evokes a need within us to fertilize what the heart wants, and be able to express it without restraint, to play in the proverbial sandbox with life affirming joy and without any interference. But Vesta and Sedna join the group and say “you’ve got to consider our needs too”.

Vesta reminds us that we agreed to tend to the spiritual fires for the good of the whole community, and Sedna reminds us that there is a much larger picture unfolding on the playground that goes well beyond our fun little sandbox . A major paradigm shift is underway that is integrating science and spirituality on a scale that Earth has not experienced since the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. In Taurus, these planetary bodies are looking to ground and root their energy to the earth, but this does not have to exclude Leonine joy. Ninety degree angles take time to manifest results, but they inevitably do manifest, and this full moon begins the process.

With the square between Uranus in Taurus and Mercury in Leo, the resolution of the manifestation could come quite suddenly and unexpectedly.

We also have a quincunx from Jupiter in Sagittarius to the North Node in Cancer as well as an exact trine from Neptune to the North Node. Since the North Node is in Cancer, it is ruled by the energy of the full moon in Aquarius.

And we’re still mopping up the proverbial floor of the past with Saturn and Pluto conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, the grouping of which, by sign at least, forms a quincunx to all of this Leo energy. So let’s break it down to understand how to use these energies for our growth.

The energies between the South Node Capricorn stellium and Leo have leadership in common. Leo wants to take center stage, and Capricorn wants to be the manager or CEO of it’s own life. Where they struggle to understand each other is that Leo likes to play and Capricorn is about responsibility. But duty and responsibility do agree with the Vesta/Sedna Taurus energy, so there is a way to resolve this tension, and this, I feel, is what the square from Mercury to Uranus could possibly reveal, liberating each of these energies from feeling like they’re stuck at a crossroads.

Now let’s look at the Moon, whose energy informs the nodes, specifically the North Node in Cancer. North Node in Cancer is about bonding with family. Moon in Aquarius defines family as the entire human family, rather than strictly the family of origin.

Cancer seeks to nest with those with whom it came into the world. Aquarius wants to be friends with everyone and wants everyone to get along and be able to express their uniqueness. The quincunx from Jupiter in Sagittarius to the North Node is also putting pressure the Cancerian North Node, encouraging it to look beyond the confines of the nest to seek wisdom from other cultures with customs that are foreign to it. The trine from Neptune in Pisces to the Cancerian North Node also supports the idea that we are all part of the same spiritual family, regardless of our birthright and background. And even though Jupiter and Neptune form a square to each other, this square could help manifest a solution despite the tension going on in this current astrological dialog. Lastly, there is a nice trine occurring between Chiron at 5 degrees Aries and Mercury at 4 degrees Leo. Chiron, known as the healer, is also about combining two very different worlds, the world of mortals with that of immortals and gods and goddesses.

So this is our opportunity to do the same, which, by the way, is inherent in the healing message of Sedna. Sedna became the immortal sea woman after drowning in the Arctic sea as a mortal. Something in our own lives needs to die in order for us to give birth to the extraordinary, and this is what Sedna’s return heralds for the future of our planet. Make no mistake that Earth is ascending, and our bodies and lives are being recalibrated to support this journey we’re taking together. We are being given every opportunity to connect with the energies that want to help us transform the profane and mundane into the profound and extraordinary.

Full Moon in Aquarius AstroSound

Wishing you an extraordinary experience as you listen to this full moon’s planetary frequencies, and I’ll be back soon with the New Moon in Virgo on Aug. 30th.

Infinite Blessings,