Full Moon in Pisces: Stepping Outside of Time

The dynamic we’re currently experiencing between six planetary bodies in Virgo (Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, plus Juno and Pallas on either side of these personal planets), opposing Neptune and the Moon in Pisces may have us feeling overwhelmed and in need of retreating from the world.  Neptune rules Pisces, and governs dreams, essentially all that exists beyond time.  Virgo, on the other hand, deals with the details of the material realm, and wants us paying attention to our “to do” list.

With Jupiter squaring this full moon we could experience some sort of crisis in belief about what may be possible…will there ever be any justice in this world?  With so many planets in detail-oriented Virgo, the cliche “can’t see the forest for the trees” comes to mind.   On the other side, the Moon and Neptune are saying, “please take time to sleep, relax, retreat, remember your dreams, your inspirations, and your divine vision.

On the high side, Jupiter in Sagittarius represents the quest for truth, and to experience the true meaning of our existence.  On the lower side this signature can express itself as extreme dogmatism; following the letter of the law to a fault.

With the square to the Virgo stellium, if Jupiter’s lower vibration is expressed, we may find ourselves having to confront where we either don’t give ourselves or others a break.  Now more than ever, it’s  important to remember that we are eternal beings living in the material world, and that to truly find balance and harmony signified by next month’s Libra energy, we need to let go of the illusion of perfection.

Whatever the dream may be for us personally, this full moon asks us to commune with our divine support system, and trust that we will receive all the assistance we need despite how “imperfect” things may look and feel along the way.  Neptune helps us dissolve whatever it is in our everyday life that no longer supports our spiritual vision.  At this full moon, it is helping us dissolve any anxiety, nervous tension, fear, or criticism directed at self or others.  It allows us to simply “be” without “doing”, and reminds us that at the level of soul we are already perfect.

This reminds me of the biblical story about Martha and Mary.  Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, the Master, and simply listened, while Martha got angry at her for not helping with the chores, preparing the meal, etc.  This full moon in Pisces is calling us to be more like Mary, and to listen to that voice within that is already connected to our divinity, perfection, and higher knowing.

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