Sedna Astrology: Radical Surrender

For most people the word “surrender” leaves a bad taste in the mouth, especially when we see so many injustices playing out in the world.  After all we’re a nation of rebels.  So I’d like to explain what I mean when I refer to “radical surrender” as it pertains to Sedna astrology.

There are people and there are processes.  Big difference.  In the Sedna myth, she rebels against the traditions created by her tribe that prevent her from making decisions for herself independently.  When she is deceived by her husband, abandoned and ultimately murdered by her father, she inevitably succumbs to the deep, cold waters.  Forces beyond her control (a storm created by her husband’s wrath), cause her to drown in the Arctic sea, and, in so doing, she is transformed from a mortal young girl into the immortal sea woman still revered in modern Inuit culture.

In her connection to water, to the vast ocean and to the vast cosmos, largely unknown by us mortals, Sedna reminds us that surrendering to the transformation process leads to more life.  Just like the ugly duckling who transforms into a beautiful swan, we must be willing to endure the initiation process.  We must be able to see past the immediate and dire circumstances of “what is” and embrace what is to come. The challenge we face is to do so without fear.

“What Sedna evokes beyond the initial suffering is the opportunity to accept unconditionally all that arises. However one defines, labels, perceives, or interacts with Divine Mind, its essence is infinite. It is in relinquishing the need to control the known (the suffering) as well as the unknown (the opportunity) that we are able to embrace infinite possibility.” (The Return of Planet Sedna, p. 109-110).

There is a much larger process unfolding than we are able to perceive and understand. We feel the effects of death, destruction, and decay, and we fear that things will never change.  But the death process IS change.  It IS necessary to the LIFE that follows.  Carl Jung described the paradox of the Great Mother as the archetypal feminine who desires life.

“But he was careful to distinguish the difference between religious morality and life.  He reminded us that what is good is not always beautiful, and what is beautiful is not always good…The paradox requires us to reconsider that what had previously been deemed negative could potentially be positive, including that which remains a mystery.” (The Return of Planet Sedna, p. 110).

In a recent dream I was heading down an embankment to an “L-shaped” beach, with a group of people behind and perpendicular to me as I made my way to the other side.  I was intent upon joining the blissful crowd on the other side of the beach.  As I entered the water and turned to face them, the entire crowd looked beyond me and gasped in horror.  I gingerly looked over my right shoulder in the direction of their gaze, and saw a massive wave approaching.  I turned around and said, “Here I am God,” and then woke up.

I didn’t feel, and do not feel now, that the dream was prophetic.  But like the massive wave in the dream, its message is profound with import and meaning.  What else could be done under those circumstances but surrender?  There was no place to go, no place to run to, and no time to even feel fear.  Fear only exacerbates and prolongs the process, creating more agony along the way.

By now I have learned that, just like my ruling planet Pluto teaches when it touches a personal planet, unconditional acceptance of, and surrender to, the transformation process may not be the “only” way but it is the fastest way to reaching the “other side”.  When asking for guidance as to what that dream meant, a very simple answer was given: “Don’t follow the crowd.”  The dream is SO Sedna-like in symbology, it is astounding.  Forces beyond our control grab our attention, and due to thousands of years of trauma perpetrated against us on this beautiful planet, we naturally react in fear.  But to truly heal this planet and ourselves from this massive trauma, we must learn to “accept all that arises unconditionally.”

And, perhaps, that “L-shaped” beach stands for Love…the only force and power that truly heals all, knows all, and is ALL.

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