It’s time to Get with the Galactic Program

Trust the Process

We are living in extraordinary times. Since Earth’s alignment with the galactic core in 2012, waves and waves of cosmic energy have been enfolding our planet, catalyzing her evolution and ascension into the higher dimensions. This process is analogous to a baby’s crown aligning in the mother’s birth canal, and this summer’s eclipses mark our “final trimester”. All life on earth is being affected by these changes. For many, there is a feeling of euphoria as spiritual gifts and perceptions awaken or expand, and the long awaited transition from 3D to 4D/5D and higher is embraced. For others there is (temporary) disorientation and a disturbing sense of the “foreign” influence that may incite fear and a feeling that the former world is falling apart. But all will be restored to equilibrium and balance as long as we trust the process and stay in gratitude.

Upgrades of a Seismic Scale

If it seems a little “sci-fi” to explain it this way, consider how quickly technology has changed – and continues to change – since the turn of the century. Earth and all her inhabitants are receiving upgrades of a seismic scale. Certain symptoms such as unusual “spaciness”, forgetfulness, insomnia and/or extreme fatigue, “dreamlike” oddities in the waking life, and magical synchronicities are occurring for so many. If your body needs more rest, please allow that to happen without guilt or shame. Ultimately, any attachments to the ego and 3D responses must go – or be transformed.

Eclipses Catalyze Major Change

As I shared in my first newsletter, last summer’s eclipses catalyzed major change in my life, and in the lives of many. This summer proves to be just as eventful. On July 12, around 11 pm EST, we had a New Moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer opposing Pluto. No matter how astronomers classify it, Pluto’s transformative energy cannot be denied; its energy purges the lower vibrations and ego attachments so that the pure essence of Soul can shine through. Then on July 27, an even greater shift occurs with the full moon full lunar eclipse, visible in Europe. Astronomers say this eclipse will last nearly two hours (1 hour and 50 minutes), and is the longest eclipse to occur in our century!! This is unprecedented!!! And it is incumbent upon all of us to wake up those parts of ourselves that have remained asleep and oblivious to the larger story unfolding…It is time to “get with the galactic program.” [Eclipses’ effects last up to 6 months, so we will experience this energy through 2018 and into 2019].

Merging Timelines

Linear time is dissolving. If you’ve ever listened to doomsday forecasts about “the end of time” just know that it isn’t literal…it is merely the end of our 3D perception of time. My short story “The Genie from Nal”, which I shared on my first radio show, foretold this phenomenon. Yet at the time I wrote the story I didn’t realize it. The end of time as we have known and experienced it is occurring, yes, but not the end of our earthly life. The reason some people are experiencing disorientation is because dimensions are merging and time is becoming bendable; this can make our experience feel more like a dream than “reality”.  What dream do you wish to bring into reality?  Remember that energy follows thought!  Please focus your thoughts on your highest dreams and visions for your life and for the planet.

Recordings that help you Align with Cosmic Cycles

I have created recordings based upon the July 13 partial solar eclipse and the July 27 full moon lunar eclipse that allow you to journey within, align with the energies unfolding, and facilitate the opening of your body’s innate healing ability. You will feel the sound travel through your “inner space”, recalibrating lower densities so that access to the higher dimensions can arise. As a result, you experience greater access to your inner wisdom and infinite nature, facilitating third eye opening and expansion. Recordings are sent electronically, and It is recommended that you use a headset and listen while meditating, in a quiet space, or while falling asleep.  They are $15 each or $25 for both: order here.

“I can’t explain the science and/or magic behind Jennifer’s work, but the impact on my body was very real. The deliberately prepared sounds first moved my body in unexpected ways followed by a clearing of old junk even days later. This is profound work.” ~Dana J., Huntingdon, PA

Testimonials for Astro Sound

For the last decade I’ve had the privilege of facilitating Acutonics and Astro Sound at Jim Donovan’s Summer Rhythm Renewal in Loretto, PA. Like so many, Jim is honoring the call for change, and embarking on a new journey of creative expression and community building as he tours with his band the Sun King Warriors.  Here are a few testimonials from this year’s renewal participants who experienced Astro Sound sessions.


…I had one of my most visual journeying sessions. I’ve done countless guided meditations and shamanic journeys with great success but this particular session gave me more of a higher realm experience… I first started to feel a gentle pressure over my third-eye. I was lying back, surrounded by my guides. Then one by one, my ancestor spirits joined and I began to feel lifted in the air. I was first surrounded by golden light and then the hands that were held out toward me, sending me healing, started to multiply until the sky, above and below me was filled with hands from the higher realms. Thousands of hands sending me energy. I felt as if I were filling with light. I felt it shining strongly out through my eyes. I was sure that if I were to look into a mirror, my dark brown eyes would have appeared to be blue or bright green. Then I felt a bright, white star of energy forming over and from within my third eye. I pictured my body being so cellularly open that I was no longer solid. Then, my cells opened up at the smallest level, being infused with white sparkling light. I could see my atoms swirling with this intensity. As the session came to an end, I felt the guides sealing the healing light into my cells with a protective barrier. I came back into the room and felt a great peace. I feel as if now I can call upon the gift of this light whenever I need it.” ~Stacy S., State College, PA

“Jennifer, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gifts with me this past weekend. It has been a continuous flow of shifting energy! I had two clients today for Reiki and what I saw and experienced with each one of them was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. That third eye is wide open!! (emojis…) Thank you!!!” ~Shari H., Altoona, PA

“A powerful weekend…much impact on the senses….A lovely calm/peace combined with a buzz of energy that is invigorating….could it be a shift in vibration?  Well…. Yeah !!”  (emoji)~John D., Cleveland, OH

“I can actually move now!  Before my body was so stiff! Thank you!”

and a few days later…

“Yes, still moving…and feeling great! More focused because of less restrictions. …bless you dear One. Peace” Theresa L., Erie, PA

Astrology Webinar Update

The webinar “Nodes of the Moon and Planetary Rulership”, originally scheduled for July 18, has been rescheduled for Monday, Aug. 13, 6-8 pm EST. My webinars are designed for small groups so that every participant can apply course concepts to their own chart. If you missed the first one, you will need to watch it before taking the 2nd one. It is available for $10: Register here