Getting with the Galactic Program, Part 2

Freedom is Found From Within

Last month’s newsletter addressed the eclipses of July 12 (partial solar) and July 27 (total lunar), the latter of which was the longest eclipse in our century. On Saturday, August 11 at 5:58 EDT, we had another New Moon partial solar eclipse at 18 degrees Leo. Together this “trilogy” of eclipses heralds a time of massive endings and beginnings on our planet – a huge paradigm shift. No matter where you find yourself in the process of growth and evolution – we each have our own unique process – no one is exempt from these changes. It may take longer for some and be a quick leap for others, but all will feel the effects of growth asking us to allow the heart (Leo) rather than the head (Aquarius) to lead the way.

Yod Formation: Higher Forces at Work

In the August 11 configuration, we also have a Yod, known as the “finger of God” and an aspect that portends fate in some way. On an individual level, this especially applies when personal planets or points are close to 18 degrees Leo or 18 degrees of one of the other fixed signs: Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus. Order your free chart to see where Leo is and what house it affects. The Yod involves two planets that form a quincunx (150 degrees) to the focal point. In this case Neptune (15 Pisces) and Pluto (19 Capricorn) form a quincunx to the Sun/Moon conjunction.  Neptune is the patron of dreams; Pluto is the Alchemist.  Whereas Neptune in Pisces is asking us to call up our highest dreams and express them through the New Moon in Leo, Pluto is calling for the “death of what no longer serves” that highest dream.

August 11 2018 Solar Eclipse Chart

Pluto, the Alchemist, Active in all Three Eclipses

In all three of this summer’s eclipse charts, Pluto plays a major role by making a very close aspect to a personal planet. On July 12, at 20 Capricorn, it exactly opposed the Sun/Moon conjunction at 20 Cancer. On July 27, at 19 Capricorn, it formed an exact trine to Venus at 19 Virgo. On Aug. 11, at 19 Capricorn, it formed a close quincunx (1 degree orb, and part of the Yod formation) to the New Moon at 18 Leo. Make no mistake – Pluto is transforming our lives in a major way. Regardless of its classification, its energy represents alchemy: changing lower energies into higher energies. And aspects close to personal planets, such as the Sun, Moon, and Venus in these cases, means that something in our conscious and unconscious nature (Sun/Moon), as well as our ability to attract what we love (Venus), must find congruency or face the alchemical fire.

Empowerment vs. Power Abuse

At its core, Pluto represents proper management of power, desire, and sexuality. Therefore, ego projection, manipulation, and/or abuse of sexual energy, must give way to Soul’s authenticity and empowerment of others rather than control through manipulation. This is a theme we have been witnessing in our collective. But not only is this behavior no longer tolerated, it will also not be allowed to remain in the shadows. We can contribute positively to this end by recognizing our own sovereignty as creator beings, and by focusing only on those things we desire to manifest, rather than on those things we fear.

Finding the Alchemist Within

We are all on this planet to remember, embrace, and embody, our true mastery – the Alchemist within.   This involves working with the four elements existing in Nature, in astrology, the Cosmos, and in each one of us. Everything in creation is living, and therefore has consciousness. It is our sacred birthright to be able to communicate with all life, and use this knowledge and wisdom for the good of ALL. Those who have held the reigns of power (whether in government, medicine, science, religion or banking) have sought to undermine individual awakening to this truth.

Leo  Celebrates Life

Fortunately, that time is coming to an end. Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio are certainly playing a role in exposing this pattern, while the North Node in Leo wants us to celebrate life – and our own sovereignty. There is only one true source of power that exists in and through life. That power is love. Nothing else can “trump” it. So do what you love. Be with those you love. Radiate that energy and be who you came here to be. If you do not know how these eclipses will affect your chart, please order your free chart and consider a consultation, either with me or another astrologer.

Astro Sound Recordings:

Jennifer has created something most powerful and healing in these magic carpet rides along the sound current. Dee M., Philadelphia, PA

I consider it a privilege to facilitate growth, healing, and clarity on your path through the language of astrology – not by interpreting messages for you – but by allowing sound to deliver the message directly to you. It is your own inner wisdom that leads to personal truth. By intentionally creating sounds customized to your natal signature and current cycles, my Astro Sound recordings can help you access and activate that wisdom.

Recordings are sent electronically, and it is recommended that you listen with a headset or speakers while meditating, journeying, or while falling asleep. For more information on Astro Sound customized to your natal signature, click here. To purchase and work with this summer’s eclipses, the information below can help you determine which one is best for you.

Eclipse Recordings Available

July 12 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse: New Moon 20 Cancer opposing Pluto 20 Capricorn – purging and clearing old family dynamics and starting a new emotional journey (Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer)

July 27 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (longest in our century): Moon 4 Aquarius conjunct Mars and South Node – recommended for releasing, clearing and completing family history and emotional patterns. Sun conjunct North Node in Leo – time to “eclipse” out old emotional patterns and embrace more joyful experiences.

August 11 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse: New Moon at 18 Leo is the focal point of a Yod (finger of God) and fated events. Time to embrace our true destiny as sovereign beings and masters of light (inner wisdom).

Eclipse recordings will remain in effect throughout the end of the year and into 2019.  They are available now: $15 for one, $25 for two, or $33 for all 3: order here

For excerpts of the eclipse recordings find Jennifer on YouTube

Webinar Rescheduled:

Due to changes in my own life, and several retrograde planets, I have had to reschedule the webinar once more. “Nodes of the Moon and Planetary Rulership”, is now rescheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 29, 6-8 pm EST. The format is designed for small groups so that every participant can apply course concepts to their own chart. If you missed the first one, you will need to watch it before taking the 2nd one. It is available for $10: Register here

Excerpt from Jennifer’s new book, The Return of Planet Sedna: Astrology, Healing, and the Awakening of Cosmic Kundalini, due to publish in May 2019:

Sedna is our siren call, activating the ability to transcend former versions of ourselves as perceived through limited, linear, and one-dimensional concepts. She is here to remind us how to consciously cultivate and support this process through symbolic metaphor, Chinese mythology, and planetary medicine.

Sedna’s mythological home in the deep sea symbolizes our own ability to “see inside” the water element and learn to dissolve boundaries rather than divide and compartmentalize our world…Her return, rather than being a harbinger of disaster, is one of the way-shower and shaman. In her association with water, winter, and the color black, Sedna rules the spine, kidneys, hair, ears, and hearing (since kidneys flower into the ears). She rules over human will (Zhi in Chinese Medicine), ancestral memory, primordial essence, and DNA…Symbolically, she lights the path for us to ignite our own immortality by surrendering to the inner path—the Yin way—revealing patterns and pathways for infinite healing potential. By doing so, we are remembering the roots of our ancestry that recognize interconnectivity and unity within all beings—human, nonhuman, and planetary.