June Astrology: The Perfection of Imperfection

Wisdom is a Choice

This month, June not only brings Earth’s solar return – the Solstice – but we also have a New Moon and Full Moon bringing energies with plenty of opportunities to grow. Seeing our experience only through the lens of “good” or “bad” inevitably limits our potential. When we are exposed to higher energies, such as a spiritual attunement or shamanic initiation, it’s always followed by an opportunity to use these newly acquired skills. This often means being met squarely with our shadow side. The gift lies in seeing the experience as an opportunity to clean up old patterns and free ourselves from suffering. Astrological cycles behave in the same way. They activate sensitive areas in our chart to help us blossom into new expression, but sometimes this requires releasing painful memories and/or triggers. New Moons offer new beginnings, yet it is the shadow side of the Moon that faces the Earth. The Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun to Earth, yet also reveals hidden aspects of our psyche that have not yet been dealt with consciously. In everything there is light and shadow. How we respond to these energies is our free will and choice.

Releasing Patterns of Aggression

As the astrological energies from last month continue to unfold, they provide opportunities for us to release old patterns of self-undoing and open to greater wisdom. With the continuation of the Mars-Uranus square and Mars conjunct the South Node, we may feel anger (Mars) regarding the past (South Node). In addition, Uranus rules Aquarius, the sign Mars now occupies, intensifying the face-off. Last month, Uranus entered Taurus for the first time in 84 years signifying major change on our planet (read May newsletter). The square between Mars and Uranus in fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus can provoke anger and the most stubborn (fixed) nature. Mars (ego flare-ups and impulsivity) meets Uranus (disruptions and unexpected change). Fixed signs can be unwilling to budge, so this combination creates relentless determination to “have it our way”. Spiritual awareness can mitigate rigidity for those who are open to it. If so, the high side of this square can help us transcend personal wounds and tap into courageous (Mars) and pioneering change and liberation (Uranus). In this case, the fixity of the signs provides determination to finally liberate ourselves (Uranus) from being dominated (Mars) by previous conditions (South Node).

New Moon activates Portal of Light

In addition to the Mars-Uranus square, the New Moon of June 13 is also a super moon, which means It’s closer to the Earth and exerts more gravitational pull – not only on the ocean tides but also the tides of human emotion. We don’t see new moons because the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign and only the Moon’s shadow faces the Earth. As it continues to move through its cycles leading up to the Full Moon, we begin to see the Sun’s reflection making the moon visible to us. But what is most relevant about this particular new moon is that it falls at 22° Gemini, opposite the Milky Way’s galactic core at 26° Sagittarius. This will align and activate our rational mind (Gemini) and emotional security needs (Moon) to receive and reflect wisdom from the higher dimensions as they stream through the galactic core toward the Earth.

Full Moon Maturity, Mars Retreats

On June 26, Mars turns retrograde, joining the cast of other retrograde planets: Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. This may help dampen some of the inflamed behavior created by the Mars-Uranus square and encourage inner reflection. Full Moons occur when the Moon forms a 180° angle to the Sun, and in the June 27 Full Moon chart we have Saturn at 5° Capricorn conjunct the Moon at 6°, reflecting energy back to the Sun at 6° Cancer. This brings to fullness the opportunity that began at the New Moon to grow in maturity and responsibility (Saturn) for our emotional responses (Moon) and consciously embody that in our life (Sun). In addition to this configuration, Chiron in Aries forms a T-square to the Sun and Moon/Saturn opposition, creating yet another opportunity to awaken the healer within. Mars rules Aries, and with Chiron visiting its “home” sign, the invitation is to heal and become teacher rather than react in anger and perpetuate victim-aggressor patterns. Squares like to manifest, and they will manifest positively or negatively depending on an individuals’ skill set.

Astrology is Sound Medicine

Combining astrology with sound healing is not only a profound and efficient way to recalibrate our bodies and move us into the higher vibrations, it is “sound medicine”.  Why?  Because, as Geothe said, “geometry is frozen music.”  The mathematical angles and patterns in your natal chart are actually harmonic relationships that respond remarkably well to the medicinal use of sound.  As transits (the current sky) activate areas in your chart, it is analogous to an acupuncturist’s needle insertion, or an Acutonics Practitioner’s tuning fork, on the body – accessing reservoirs of energy for the purpose of healing.

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