New Year Eclipses catalyze a New Way of Being

On January 5/6 (depending on where you live), we had a New Moon partial solar eclipse at 15° Capricorn, and today, January 21, we have a Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 0° Leo. The first is about allowing our past to give way to a brighter, happier future with unlimited potential in preparation for, and signified by, today’s Full Moon. As with all eclipses, the effects can last up to six months, so we may continue to understand and work with these energies as the year progresses.

All moon cycles signify opportunity to align our physical lives more harmoniously with our soul’s intention upon incarnation. A life lived in congruency with these intentions must still encounter change, but those changes do not have to be disruptive. Change is the seed of all creative growth and healing, and the eclipses occurring this month certainly emphasize this opportunity.

Whatever area of life the eclipse affects in our birth chart could see something being “eclipsed out” of our life. In my case, the eclipse occurred in the 3rd house of communication, which also rules technical and mechanical devices. The eclipse occurred on January 5; five days later my cell phone didn’t just become in need of repair, it completely shattered. Symbolically, it’s a sign that old ways of communicating, and perhaps an “old network”, will need to pass away. Whatever it is will make better sense to you if you are aware of your chart configuration.

With today’s Full Moon lunar eclipse, Venus and Jupiter form a conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius, signifying an opportunity for lucrative and harmonious expansion in the areas of adventure, exploration, higher education, philosophy/spiritual studies, publication, and/or travel to foreign destinations. At 0° Leo it offers brand new beginnings and unlimited potential inspired by our heart’s true creative desires, or endeavors related to children.
A few other significant aspects from this chart are listed here, and represent a few of those I included in the Full Moon Astro Sound recording:

Sun/Full Moon (opposition): Opportunity to fully let go of our past and embrace unlimited creative potential

Sun/South Node conjunction: Signifies that something from our past might be brought into a new form of expression

Sun/Pluto conjunction: Creative will and purpose are expressed with power, passion, and integrity, or met with shadow projections

Full Moon/Uranus square: Reconciling desire for freedom and individuality with emotional needs

Mercury/Uranus square: Reconciling common sense and tradition with desire for freedom, individuality, and/or possible change in direction

Venus/Mars trine: Supreme harmony between gender expressions regardless of sexual orientation

Venus/Jupiter conjunction: Acquisition and prosperity are magnified; beneficial encounters with others far and wide

Mars/Jupiter trine: Fiery determination combines harmoniously with sense of adventure and exploration of new horizons