Transcending Ancient Wounds

This month’s New Moon on February 4th featured a Mars-Pluto square and a Mars-Uranus conjunction. These energies are giving us yet another opportunity to manage our own frustration and anger and breakthrough old patterns or false narratives about our own power and how to use it for the greater good. At the full moon on February 19th we have an exact quincunx between Chiron and the Full Moon providing opportunity for advanced soul growth and healing around ancient emotional wounds. Harmonious aspects from Sedna to the South and North Nodes invite healing and transcendence from these ancient, stubborn, ancestral injustices so that we can achieve the healing and happiness that is our birthright.

In alignment with this month’s theme of transcending ancient wounds, I am excited and pleased to announce that my new book, The Return of Planet Sedna, will be released in a few months. I could not be more thrilled with the preliminary reviews, which I’ve included here in their entirety. Preorders for the book are now available on Amazon and Inner Traditions.

This is a profound and fascinating read, filled with an astonishing and unbelievable amount of research and cosmic wisdom. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in personal and planetary evolution. It will help many in their search for understanding! This new work may also help us to see consciousness in a wholly new light. ~Cullen Baird Smith, co-author, Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology–Charting the Spirals of Consciousness

The Return of Planet Sedna is a deep and engrossing contemplation of the connections between our world and very high galactic dimensions. Gehl posits that the return of Sedna signals the time has come to heal hidden fear and pain from the great cosmic cataclysms that occurred during Sedna’s last cyclical return around 12,000 years ago. Gehl notes Sedna’s return means shamanism and the recovery of our personal mythos is the way to go beyond this primordial wound—what I call catastrophobia. Since 2011 this healing is realigning our species with high freeing dimensions. Bravo! Sedna is a must read for all astrologers and those studying cataclysmic cycles. ~Barbara Hand Clow, Author of Awakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity, and Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini: The Transformative Power of Saturn, Chiron, and Uranus

The Return of Planet Sedna is an extraordinary book, blending insights derived from astrology, Inuit mythology, Chinese Medicine, quantum science and the expanded science of water. Jennifer has provided an exhaustive examination of this extra-solar planet. A great read for those with interest in astrology, mythology and archetypes, this book is a gift to the Acutonics community that will expand and enhance our clinical applications of this powerful planetary frequency. ~ Jude Ponton, DC, MAc, LAc and Paul Ponton, MAc, LAc, Senior Acutonics instructors and practitioners, Co-authors of Acutonics From Galaxies to Cells, Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine and authors of Acutonics For Dogs and Cats, Sound Healing For Animal Health

The Return of Planet Sedna is a portal for everyone to connect to a larger reality. This extremely important work is a must read for all who are concerned with the condition of our planet, our society, and our interpersonal relationships. Gehl leads us towards a point of transition, where we can see that we are extraordinary superconductors of energy, who, through the choices we make, can participate in the alchemy of change necessary for our evolution. ~  Pia Orleane, Ph.D, coauthor of Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology and author of Sacred Retreat

The author provides an insightful analysis of the discovery chart, coupled with a deep analysis of the myth, approaching both from a healing perspective. She also explores the close relationship of the planet to healing correspondences from ancient myth and certain future potentialities as they relate to Sedna, particularly the water element, I Ching and human DNA. I commend this work as another valuable piece of the roadmap charting Sedna’s meaning in our lives! ~ Alan Clay, author of Sedna Consciousness: The Soul’s Path of Destiny

Sedna—on the one hand, the ancient Northern Peoples’ fruitful Goddess of the deep sea—and on the other, the recently discovered minor planetary body on the extreme outer-reaches of our solar system—are ingeniously linked through Gehl’s enlightened perspective on a symbiotic relationship between deep-rooted myths and cutting-edge science. ~ Michael Hayes, author of The Hermetic Code in DNA

Fleshing out the emerging paradigm of human health and its psychospiritual dynamics played out between the earth and the wider ecology of the planets and stars, is the central gift of this book. Gehl details how the flow of an awakened cosmic kundalini through the living tissues of our own bodies and the body of the earth through its ley lines or meridians is the herald of a new medicine that in some ways is remarkably ancient. The story of Sedna is our own story told in psychocosmic terms. Truly expansive. ~Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., author of Dark Light Consciousness and The Dreamlife of Families

Jennifer Gehl weaves her scholarly thread throughout this book immersing us in the story of Sedna. We are left welcoming Sedna into our hearts and embracing our own personal story with new eyes and approaching our planetary story with new hope. ~ Caroline Ra, founder of

This book is a comprehensive exploration of the cross-disciplinary links between Chinese medicine and Inuit culture, science, astrology, vibrational healing and the critical importance of myths. Gehl provides a powerful lens into Sedna’s gifts and challenges while offering a path forward to apply them for the transformation of consciousness. A book desperately needed for global healing in the 21st Century! ~Ellen F. Franklin, Ph.D., and Donna Carey, LAc, cofounders of the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

Sedna brings awareness of our multi-dimensionality and the ability to experience greater levels of sovereignty and self-mastery as we experience the energy and cycles of Sedna through our bodies and energy fields and upon this sacred earth. Jennifer Gehl weaves these understandings so beautifully through her own enlightened heart and spiritual perspectives, whilst taking us deeper into the knowing of how we are all connected to the planets and stars and to one another. A wonderful read taking us into the deepest chambers of our own hearts, the Spiritual nurturing of Sedna, and offering a path of increased sustainability and nourishment for ourselves and for our sacred earth. ~ Anrita Melchizedek, Author, Intuitive, Channel,

I appreciate when the common threads of ancient wisdom are illuminated in a way that invites new possibilities without detracting from their culturally and geographically-based bodies of knowledge. This is an inspired synthesis of astrology, story, myth, science and shamanism that provides a vision for the union of medicine and mythology necessary for the extraordinary times we live in. ~ Peter Shea, L.Ac., Author of Alchemy of the Extraordinary: A Journey into the Heart of the Meridian Matrix