Thank You from Jennifer Gehl

Dear Friends,

I couldn’t let this year pass without sending everyone a thank you for being part of my life and the Astro-Sound journey. As we enter the New Year and brand new decade, it is my intention to build a community of those who share my passion for turning the wisdom of astrology into a vibrational experience.  As a musician, I have always known that sound and vibration have the power to immediately transport the listener and transform physical substances. And, for the better part of my life, I have also experienced astrology as a powerful tool that gets to the heart of self-understanding. Together, these two mediums provide a profound gateway for us to know who we truly are and stretch into the Self we are becoming. The results vary for every person, yet the space is created for each to have a meaningful experience.  Some report having visions and messages from angels and guides. Others report having a visceral sensation of change in the body, and some experience a combination of both.  It is all appropriate because it supports higher awareness of the body/mind/spirit connection, as well as the connection we all have to each other through the matrix of energy consciousness.

I hope you will choose to continue this journey with me, and help me grow a community of like-minded souls by sharing this newsletter with those for whom it is appropriate.  At the same time, I understand that this approach may not be for everyone, and I completely understand if you choose to unsubscribe.  The time we have to devote to what we truly love is precious, and our lives even more so.  I encourage you to do what’s best for you.  Please see below for some of the changes you can expect from Astro-Sound this year.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey, and leave you with these words from a fellow light-worker and friend.

Blessings Beyond Measure,


Things to expect from Astro-Sound in 2020:

1) NEW! Free daily Astro-Sound Bites! Watch for these on my website, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Links will also be included in my newsletters.

2) One newsletter per month focusing primarily on planet Sedna and the importance of our connection to water and the ocean of consciousness.  New subscribers will receive a free birth chart and 30-page report.

3) YouTube: One recording per month that includes a vibrational journey from new moon to full moon to help you align with what you desire to manifest. Links will also be included in my newsletters.

4) Courses available (TBD) online at Simran Singh’s 11:11 Mastermind:

Language of Astrology, Level 1: You Are More than Your Sun Sign

Language of Astrology, Level 2: Discover Your Unique Purpose and Destiny

Language of Astrology, Level 3: Aspects as Harmonic Relationships