Sedna, Higher Dimensions, and Calling in Abundance

As Sedna interacts with our solar system, she is bringing to our awareness the higher dimensions, specifically the sixth dimension where our visions and intentions can be brought into form in our 3rd dimensional “reality”.  The way Barbara Hand Clow explains it in her channeled book Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, we have access to all nine dimensions simultaneously.   And, in fact, we are experiencing a blending of 3rd/4th/5th dimensions now. There is no “hierarchy”, linear path, or boundary that separates except for our own limited perception and understanding.

At the seventh dimension we have light and sound, which create the sacred geometry and Platonic solids in the sixth dimension.  These are the building blocks for all manifested form.  Our experience is determined by our focus, attention, intention, and/or lack thereof.  Even in the fourth dimension there are interferences that can keep us locked in fear until we open our hearts (5th dimension) and lift our perception to the reality that is calling us to a much higher outcome than the agendas of those who would like to keep us trapped in “ground hog day”.

The February 23rd Pisces New Moon

The February 23rd Pisces New Moon ignites a fresh perspective within the realm of relationships, forming a square to Mercury and Juno in Sagittarius, asking us to reconcile our Sagittarian desire for freedom and far horizons within the realm of relationships.  Juno reminds us that there must be equality and fairness in the relationship.  The need to balance self with other in an evolved type of relationship culminates at the full moon when Mercury retrogrades to the exact degree of Sedna’s Uranus in the 7th house of relationships.

The Virgo Full Moon on March 9

The moon conjuncts Sedna’s Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd house of material resources, while the Sun conjuncts Sedna’s Mars in Pisces in the 8th.  Both the 2nd and 8th houses are money houses, and this full moon is emphasizing the need to bring our values and resources into balance with others’.

Sedna’s return is asking us to transition from a competitive stance of “ownership” to one involving “stewardship” and service, a key word for Virgo.  We are moving away form the traditional Mars expression of “separate, compare, compete, and conquer” to a more empathic way of being in the world.  Please watch this month’s video on the lunation cycle and Sedna’s chart.

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