Vibrationally Align with Abundance and Trust

As the legendary Sea Woman known for providing and withholding sustenance to the Inuit people according to how well they were observing the laws of nature, Sedna holds this message for us today.  The energy and vibration of Sedna is teaching us that we need to live in right relationship with the natural abundance Earth provides, specifically our relationship to water.

Water is paramount to our own and the planet’s sustainability.  Aside from it being a physical necessity for our survival, It also symbolizes our emotional wellbeing, psychic sensitivities, and the ocean of consciousness in which we all swim.  Since Sedna’s return in 2003, we have witnessed water-related weather events increase exponentially, revealing the state of imbalance Earth is trying to restore to homeostasis.   

Trust in the Promise

This may sound ominous, however, Sedna’s discovery chart holds the promise of our own and Earth’s healing that we have the power to facilitate.  With Leo rising, the lens through which we interact with Sedna is through the heart, “having the trust of a child”, creative self-expression, and those activities that bring us joy.  The rulers of Sedna’s North and South Nodes (Pluto and Venus) are in Sagittarius and occupy the 5th house.  In Sagittarius, these energies express as faith, philosophy, and beliefs that are sitting in Leo’s house, reinforcing the need to cultivate childlike trust and find joy in life.

No matter how extreme and dire the external affairs of the world appear to be at this time, there is a larger cycle and plan unfolding. The way to help manifest the highest outcome is by vibrationally aligning ourselves with the energies of our changing age…that of our desired world rather than the one that is grabbing our attention.  The place to start is by getting quiet, going within to find the “peace that passes all understanding”, holding the energy and vibration of what is desired everyday so that we can transmit that into the world.

Lose the Fear

Fear is our worst enemy, and it is part of the shamanic journey to transcend it.  From the standpoint of Chinese Medicine, Sedna’s association with the water element means that it is also associated with the kidneys and the emotion of fear.  This energy must be healed, transmuted, and ultimately transcended.  Instead of listening to the toxic messages in the media that pollute our emotional waters, listen to the voice within.  Sedna is providing us with the antidote to fear through the symbology in the discovery chart that points to Leonine, 5th house joy.

This year, instead of twice a month lunar cycle recordings, I have decided to create one recording per month that includes the new to full moon energies activating Sedna’s chart so that we can align with her message of abundance and childlike trust.

The January 24 New Moon Activation

The January 24th Aquarius New Moon lights up Sedna’s sixth house of health and service in which Neptune sits.  As “Poseidon”, Neptune represents that “ocean of consciousness in which we all swim”, as well as communion with the mystical.  In Aquarius, “the water bearer”, Neptune wants us to meditate on the energy of water as the means by which we can express humanitarian efforts and progress that will benefit everyone.

This Aquarius New Moon at 4 degrees squares Uranus at 2 degrees Taurus, creating the tension and restlessness we need to make important changes in our life, and press the “proverbial” reboot button.  Depending on one’s personal birth chart, this energy of change can be jarring or smooth, but either way it is designed to liberate us from routines that no longer serve our progress.

The February 9 Leo Full Moon Activation

The Leo Full Moon on February 9 speaks harmoniously to the nodal rulers in Sagittarius in the 5th house.  It also forms an exact trine from transiting Jupiter at 15 Capricorn to Sedna’s Jupiter at 15 Virgo in the 2nd house, the house of personal values, material resources and abundance.  What’s more is that Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and so it also governs Sedna’s nodal rulers.  And that’s not all. 

Activation of the Six-Pointed Star

In addition to the above, transiting Jupiter is also activating Sedna’s grand earth and water trines, both of which form the six-pointed star I discuss in my book and in a previous video.  This configuration includes Sedna at the top of the chart at 17 Taurus.  It will be interesting to see what happens when Uranus crosses over Sedna’s midheaven this April, perhaps becoming more prominent in our conscious awareness as this occurs.

In the meantime, please avail yourself of these recordings, which are created with the intention to align us as one and help us “get with the galactic program” that is unfolding for the benefit of all life on our planet. 

I also have created Astro-Sound Bites for you to feast on.  Have as many as you want…you won’t gain weight!  In fact you may find yourself losing the weight of the world.

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Until next time…(still borrowing my favorite phrase)…

Blessings Beyond Measure,