Sedna Insights on Covid-19: The Way Out is Found Within

As we find ourselves feeling limited in our ability to connect socially with others, it helps to remember that there is a vast Community of Light just waiting to connect with us and offer answers, healing, and support on the inner planes. The energies that – at least for now – have us feeling stymied or boxed in – will eventually be restored to equilibrium.  In the meantime, the only way “out” is by going within.

In this month’s video and Astro-Sound on the cycle of the Aries New Moon to the Libra Full Moon, I offer a different perspective on Covid-19 as it relates to the astrology of Sedna.  In its association with the water element, the kidneys, and the emotion of fear, it’s important for us to remember that what happened when Sedna entered our solar system around 11,500 years ago, is not what will happen with this return.

Even if certain themes around water remain consistent, circumstances are very different now.  There is a promise in the Sedna astrology chart, with Leo rising, and the 5th house placement of the North and South Node rulers, that requires us to “maintain the trust of child”.  It’s important for us to keep a higher perspective on what we see unfolding, and maintain hope as we, or those we love, experience intense uncertainty.

Besides an association with water and the kidneys, there is also a connection with the lungs as it pertains to the current pandemic.  Both the lungs and kidneys are responsible for regulating water in the body: the lungs regulate water in the upper half of the body, and kidneys regulate water in the lower half of the body.   The Aries New Moon is activating 8th house concerns, such as facing our own mortality, fear of losing loved ones, money, resources, etc.  In its highest expression, the 8th house provides us with healing and regenerative powers, and inspires an interest to seek answers within the metaphysical realm

At the Libra Full Moon, the “boxed in” feeling may intensify, as we will have a grand cross forming with Sedna’s Moon, Saturn, and Chiron.  And that is why we must surrender to the process of these changes happening externally, and seek peace, wisdom, and guidance from within – whatever that looks and feels like for you.  In individual charts, it is the Moon and the Nodes of the Moon that reveal our unique “homework”, and what we have agreed to transform and heal.  It is important to remember that we all agreed to incarnate at this very intense, pivotal, and profound time on our planet so that we could anchor in the light, and contribute to Earth’s positive evolution.

In that vein, I offer you the mantra I’ve been using lately: “Thank you Universe for the miraculous solutions already in place for every unique situation.”

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Blessings and Healing Beyond Measure,