September Astrology

Expect the Unexpected

As we continue to navigate changes initiated by this summer’s eclipses and head into the Fall season we are also experiencing a square between Uranus and the “axis of destiny”. In the September 9 New Moon chart, Uranus, the wild card of the Zodiac, forms a challenging angle to the Nodes of the Moon. With Leo North Node and Aquarius South Node at 5° and Uranus in Taurus at 2°, there is an inner restlessness seeking fresh experience and expression regarding our destiny and purpose in life. This is ultimately designed to create greater joy and fulfillment (North Node in Leo), but there may be a sudden turn of events along the way. If you’re on the right path, things may come to light in sudden flashes of insight or creative inspiration that could change the way you fulfill your purpose. But with Uranus activating the Nodes it is likely there will be some surprises involved.

Uranus Opposes Venus     

Not only is Uranus squaring the nodal axis, it is also opposing Venus, having just moved into Scorpio. This will either bring enlightenment and fresh ideas or disruption in the area of partnership. If one partner feels his/her independence is not supported in the relationship, that partner may choose to leave. If space is allowed for individual growth and expansion, both partners can benefit from a sense of renewal within the relationship, but if either partner feels unable to grow, the urge for freedom will most likely win out.

Pluto Trine New Moon       

As I mentioned in August’s newsletter, Pluto has been in a close aspect all summer long with personal planets, particularly the Sun, Moon, and Venus, supporting deep transformation and investigation into what makes us feel authentically ourselves. With this month’s New Moon at 17° Virgo, Pluto forms a close trine at 18° Capricorn. Pluto’s energy can often get our attention through power struggles with others, as power is its biggest lesson. Once we understand that it is the act of EM-powering others through joyful (NN in Leo) service (New Moon in Virgo) we find that we are also empowered (correct expression of Pluto).

Neptune Opposing New Moon

With Neptune at 15° Pisces opposing the New Moon at 17° Virgo, the invitation is there to sort out the cobwebs, confusion, and doubts about what we can manifest, and simply “dream the vision” into our everyday life (New Moon in Virgo). Remembering that we are moving away from trying to make things happen (active) to a more relaxed and trusting way (receptive) of drawing in what we need, and simply embodying the energy.

Aspects to Chiron Call for Healing

In this month’s New Moon chart, we have a Yod from Venus (love and the attraction principle) and Pallas (warrior goddess) to Chiron. Venus just moved into Scorpio at 0° , Pallas is at 2° Virgo, and Chiron at 0°Aries. This combination echoes the above description, whereby the feminine way of being a warrior involves empowering all parties rather than using force. By embodying authentic love (Venus in Scorpio) in service that champions those in need (Pallas in Virgo), we ultimately heal ourselves (Chiron in Aries). The other aspect involves a square from Saturn at 2° Capricorn to Chiron. Saturn in Capricorn demands integrity and seeks to bring structure to the energy of Chiron. Chiron is about healing, and in Aries, we are healing our own identity. With the square, Saturn asks us to reconcile how we have traditionally structured our lives (Capricorn) with who we are now becoming (Aries).

September 24 Full Moon at 1° Aries 

On September 24, the Full Moon at 1° Aries will conjunct Chiron bringing to light any areas we haven’t yet healed, or perhaps bring to completion what we have succeeded in healing. In this chart, Saturn, still squaring Chiron, also forms a T-square, making a 90° angle to the Sun at 1° Libra and the Moon at 1° Aries. This aspect creates internal tension if we are not addressing the issues brought up at the New Moon with regard to investing energy in healing our identity and/or behavior. This is about finding our own integrity rather than doing what the world demands of us based upon tradition (Saturn in Capricorn). If we have done well by ourselves, and paid attention to the signs, the T-square from Saturn could manifest a new structure or form for us to give expression to this identity.

Making Peace with the Past

With Mars still conjunct the South Node, now at 3° Aquarius and no longer “out of bounds”, we have a trine to the Sun that supports harmonious resolutions and an ability to see the other’s point of view (Libra). Something from our past that kept us detached and aloof (Aquarius) now wants to find reconciliation in relating to others (Sun in Libra). The South Node is ruled by both Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern).  Uranus retrograded back to 1° Taurus and now forms an exact quincunx to the Sun. Saturn, as stated above, is putting pressure to bear on finding a new structure for our lives.  The quincunx from Uranus to the Sun is asking us to find common ground between our personal values and resources (Taurus) and certain relationships in our lives (Libra).

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