October 2018: Staying Centered in the Storm

The old paradigm is passing away and, while the new one is revealed, there is naturally going to be some turbulence. Those who champion light and justice are feeling it in ways like never before. And those who have been thriving by unscrupulous means are trying desperately to keep this change from happening.

What I – and many of my soul family members – have been feeling is a pull in many directions while searching for our path to greater purpose and service. Sometimes it feels as though this “pull” is part of our journey, and other times it feels like a distraction. I have certainly felt the ups and downs of emotions and found myself entertaining feelings of hopelessness that things will never change. At the core of my being I know this is not true, and I am so grateful that, when I remember to ask for help, I always receive the message I need to help me “snap out of it”.

Our biggest challenge is knowing what information we can trust and what should be dismissed. Many of the sources we have regularly relied upon for guidance will be called into question in a major way if they haven’t been already. This includes all “mass media” whether it’s news, government, corporations, or religious leaders. Now more than ever it’s important to cultivate our inner connection with the Divine – however we define this and connect with it for ourselves.

Even those sources with a well-meaning intention could be tainted by a larger, essentially hidden, agenda about which the messenger is totally unaware. Unfortunately, many organizations rallying for a cause may actually be contributing to lower emotional vibration unconsciously. It is so important for us to stay tuned in to our inner guidance and trust it above and beyond external sources. Help is at the ready for us when we find ourselves in doubt.

Re-membering You and Your True Ancestry
When we feel pulled apart, and find ourselves asking the question “who can I trust?” – the answer is YOU. Remember the “U” (you) in Universe. The infinite wisdom that exists in all of creation, also exists within you, and it is this connection that is asking to be cultivated and strengthened at this time.

Sometimes the Divine speaks to us in the most unlikely ways, but we know it is a message meant for us personally. These are the synchronicities that are worth our attention and trust. Not the voice that comes from fear and creates feelings of unworthiness or hopelessness. Fear cannot contain life; it only serves to subvert it. The inner voice is that subtle feeling that knows something big is happening. It knows there is a grand design unfolding, and it knows that prayers are being answered despite all evidence to the contrary. This is the “peace that surpasses all understanding”.

The law of reciprocity is a cosmic law, and cosmic law governs the natural laws on earth. In The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine, we discuss earth’s ancient roots. Not the history we learned in school – but a far more ancient connection from which the phrase “as above so below, as within so without” originates. If you feel at odds, or pulled apart, come back to center – to the “U” (You) in Universe. There are many ways to do this, so please find what works for you. I just happen to do so through the language of astrology and the medium of sound.

Support vs. Subversion
We have been given free will, but there are subtle energies at work that, as a collective, we are just beginning to see and understand. Those on the side of light are supporting us to find our own way and remember who we truly are; these are the heavenly beings who seek to support us. Others seek to subvert our evolution by inciting fear because they require drama, trauma, and hysteria to survive in much the same way that parasites require a host. When we cultivate higher states of consciousness our vibration no longer supports these lower energies. All the answers and wisdom we seek can be found from within. If another’s message resonates and feels supportive then most likely it is; if not then it is most likely a distraction.

New Moon October 8 – Balancing Polarity
The New Moon on October 8 (or October 9 depending on where you live), is an opportunity for us to find and maintain our center of balance despite the tug of war vying for our attention this way and that way. Libra is ruled by Venus, which just turned retrograde. Retrograde planets invite us to go within to “re” collect, “re” evaluate, “re” member what may have been forgotten. This is all for the purpose of “re” integrating or “re” calibrating ourselves so that, despite the presence of volatility, we may achieve homeostasis. Libra’s energy is that of justice – balancing self with other – and balancing two opposing points of view. New Moon’s are about new cycles where the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) parts of our selves find congruency. Free Astro Sound meditation for the New Moon.

Full Moon October 24 – Grand Square in Fixed Signs
At the Full Moon in Taurus on October 24, retrograde Venus will be conjunct the Sun, integrating further into our conscious expression what we began at the New Moon. Meanwhile, the Moon will conjunct Uranus, which will bring some surprising revelations to our inner and outer awareness. In this configuration, we will have the Sun and Venus opposing the Moon and Uranus, creating a grand square with the Nodes at 1 degree of Leo and Aquarius. As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, the nodal axis represents our destiny and purpose. For the free Astro Sound Full Moon meditation, accessible October 24, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or visit Astro Sound on Facebook.

Four Corners of Heaven: Lion, Bull, Eagle, and Man
The fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius are represented in the bible as the four creatures (or guardians) of heaven: the lion (Leo), the bull (Taurus), the eagle (Scorpio), and the man (Aquarius). The integration of these four energies is an opportunity to fortify our own inner conviction. We are at the last stages of the Leo-Aquarius nodal axis before they enter Cancer/Capricorn.

With North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius, we are being asked to hold childlike trust (Leo) despite outside attempts to thwart this, and detach from past trauma around feeling marginalized and alienated (Aquarius). Scorpio seeks authenticity and reveals what has been previously hidden. It teaches the ethical use of power – power that can only come from within – never from an outside source. Taurus seeks security, stability and peace. It wants to protect the environment, and build structures that are eco-friendly. With Uranus in Taurus, however, anything from a previous structure that no longer serves collective evolution and the environment must be shaken loose and released.

Sun and Venus are working together to help us love who we are authentically, warts and all. With the Moon and Uranus in Taurus, opposing Sun and Venus, expect new revelations around emotional wounds that keep us trapped in the past, and in the feeling that we “don’t belong”; they are coming up to be healed and released. As discussed, the nodal axis in Leo and Aquarius represent the integration of our unique identity (Aquarius) with our heart’s true joy (Leo).

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