Pisces Full Moon, Fall Equinox Deja Vu

As I examine the astrology each month, and proceed to write these newsletters, I continue to be stunned by just how much is going on astrologically.  It has been challenging to weed out the relevant from the irrelevant, because every detail feels important and deserving.  Yet I also know that many of you aren’t totally familiar with the language of astrology, and what it all means when the planets combine to create the alchemy of experience.

So for this newsletter, I’ve done my best to simplify the story, especially since it involves both the Pisces Full Moon on September 20, and the Equinox on September 22.  

To grasp the “big story” unfolding globally, there has to be a focus, and through the law of reciprocity, what happens in our country also impacts the world.  In the same vein, what unfolds in other countries also impacts the world, but I do not have information on any other country, so my focus is on the USA.

As we experience the energies of this Pisces Full Moon and the Equinox that follows,  our very foundation will be shaken to the core.  And for many of us, this could feel traumatizing.  There is simultaneously, however, a profound opportunity for deep and cathartic healing. 

As we encounter these energies, it’s important to remember that we get to choose our individual experience by the way in which we respond to change.  Outer events will unfold as they will.  The question for us is what experience do we wish to have as they unfold?

Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon conjunct USA’s IC

On Monday, 9/20, we have a full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees conjunct the USA’s 4th house cusp at 1 degree of Aries.  This cusp is also known as the IC, (Imum Coeli, Latin words meaning “bottom of the sky”).

In the Zodiac circle, the 4th house is concerned with our emotional and ancestral roots.  It is literally and symbolically our very foundation.

Pisces is the last water sign in the Zodiac, and its experience is the journey of moving from victim to spiritual victor.  As a deeply compassionate sign, it feels the pain of every living being because it swims in the sea of consciousness that connects us all.

The Piscean journey represents the fish that must swim against the current if it wants to survive.  Ultimately, it must learn to make its own way, to create its own current as it swims, which others may choose to follow or not.

The fact that this full moon conjuncts the USA’s 4th house cusp means that it also opposes the Midheaven (MC, Medium Coeli), the highest point in the sky.  Full moons reflect the relationship of the opposites, and in this case, the reflection between who we are as a nation (domestically, IC point) and who we are in the world (publicly, MC point).

In this case, the fullness of emotion (Pisces Full Moon) is brought to completion, while the light and energy of the Virgo Sun is illuminated. Virgo is the sign that never misses a detail; it sorts and sifts through every part and organizes them in a way that can be coherently understood so that it contributes to the whole.  Virgo also represents our natural health and healthcare system.

Analysis: The Pisces journey of swimming in someone else’s current is completing.  The light of the Virgo Sun, using discernment to make sense of all the details, will be illuminated at this full moon.  The USA’s foundation is being shaken to the core as whatever reveals itself through this full moon comes to light.

Fall Equinox Moon Conjuncts USA Chiron

Fall Equinox Moon conjunct USA Chiron

As the moon continues on its journey to the Fall Equinox it crosses over the USA’s IC and to conjunct Chiron in Aries.  This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road where our individual choices are concerned (Aries).

Many people will experience deep wounds coming to the surface for the purpose of healing (Chiron).  The nature of these wounds and how they will be felt, expressed, and addressed, is unique to everyone.

Pallas Conjuncts USA’s Sedna

Pallas conjunct USA Sedna, Neptune opposing USA Neptune

Pallas, the Warrior Goddess who fights for justice while simultaneously refraining from violence, forms an exact conjunction to USA’s Sedna, Goddess of the Sea.

Sedna’s energy impacts the world as her orbit spans 12,000 years.  Her return is symbolic of the Wayshower and Shaman who, rather than avoiding darkness, transforms emotions held there, and transcends victim consciousness.

[Neptune is included in this image because it is the natural ruler of this Pisces Full Moon, and its cycle, which opposes itself in the USA chart I have already covered.  Please refer to my previous newsletter.]

Analysis: Pallas and Sedna are teaming up to help us transform and transcend whatever darkness comes to light at this Pisces Full Moon.  It works together with Neptune’s opposition to bring victimhood consciousness to completion.

Mercury Square Pluto

Not only does Mercury square Pluto at this full moon, but we also have a Mercury-Pluto opposition in the USA chart that is triggered by this square.  This is what astrologers call a “double-whammy”, most profound in its effects.

Mercury-Pluto “Double Whammy”

Pluto is in Capricorn in the current sky as well as in the USA chart, so it is completing a 360-degree cycle within our nation’s history.

Transiting Mercury in Libra seeks justice, and a balancing of the scales.  In the USA chart, Mercury in Cancer receives and transmits communication based upon the foundations of domestic security.

The fact that transiting Mercury is in shadow about to go retrograde (Rx), combined with both Mercury Rx and Pluto Rx in the USA chart, means that we are dealing with a long-held pattern in our history.

Analysis: Mercury, the messenger, connects with Pluto, god of the underworld, to bring us communication from the most secret and hidden Plutonian domain that will not be easy to digest.  Pluto’s ultimate lesson teaches about the correct use of power.  Abuses of power are always exposed with a Pluto transit, and especially with this “double-whammy”.  Wherever there has been egregious abuse of power will absolutely get exposed, especially where it has threatened the domain of Cancer (domestic security), and Libra (the scales of justice).

Mercury trines Jupiter, Grand trine with USA Moon and Mars

Mercury and Jupiter not only rule the current sky’s Nodes of the Moon in Gemini-Sagittarius, they also rule the USA’s Ascendant and Descendant.  Aspects related to this axis (ASC-DESC) have to do with the individual’s relationships.  The Ascendant represents an individual (in this case the USA as a nation); the Descendant represents others we partner with (other nations).

In the current sky, there is a harmonious and supportive trine between Mercury and Jupiter, the “big sky god”, who expands everything he touches.  Most astrologers categorize Jupiter as magnanimous, beneficial, and expansive (abundant).  This is true as long as what is expanding is already harmonious and healed.  When things have not been acknowledged or addressed, Jupiter will expand those issues for the sake of healing.

Analysis: The trine between Mercury and Jupiter creating a grand trine with the USA’s moon (domestic and emotional foundation) and Mars (warriors, patriots, and pioneers) symbolizes a free-flow of information (Mercury) driving energy and/or anger (Mars) with expansion (Jupiter) for ultimate healing.

To sum up it all up, there can be no healing of a wound unless and until the injury is fully acknowledged.  Whether recent or ancient, ancestral or personal, the wound must be examined, cleansed, and healed.

Blessings to all,


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In honor of this Pisces Full Moon, here’s a poem I wrote for the moon: