From Survival to Revival: Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2021

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

It never ceases to amaze me just how accurate astrology reveals “the signs of our times”.  For those whom the language is foreign, it may appear to be a jumbled up mix of symbols that means nothing.  Yet to those acquainted with the language one single aspect can tell you everything.

Take, for example, the exact trine between Uranus at 12 Taurus and Venus at 12 Capricorn in the chart for today’s Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

It’s one thing to have a close aspect with an orb of 3-5 degrees, but when it is partile (exact) the Universe is adding multiple exclamations !!!  In Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, this means substance. 

Venus trine Uranus – partile

Earth represents the physical and material world.  Uranus is the revolutionary and rebel that, with one stroke of genius, can eradicate the status quo.  In this case, Uranus answers to Venus, the natural ruler of Taurus, which is the sign Uranus occupies.

The fact that Venus in Capricorn sits in perfect harmony with Uranus, the planet of change, we can expect these changes to be quite positive.

Venus represents peaceful relations, justice, physical and material resources, luxury, and the earth itself.  In the sign of Capricorn (systems), Venus brings her benevolence and blessing to social structures related to our environment and economy.

We are most definitely undergoing a revolution of wealth, and I see this aspect as moving us away from fake fiat money to a system backed with precious metals (earth’s resources).

Revival of “Down to Earth” Values

More importantly, the harmonious blending of Venus with Uranian, brings with it a refreshing change to the old and outworn value system.  It’s about time! Uranus represents the Aquarian Age, and I see this aspect as society being able to “flip a switch” so that any abuse of our precious resources, both materially and spiritually, will be brought to swift justice.

At the personal level, anywhere in our own lives where we’ve had to compromise our freedom and happiness to merely survive, we can now put in the rearview.  This can be a peaceful process if we work consciously with the energies; otherwise, the transformation might feel a bit bumpy.

Courageous Look at Trauma Past or Present

Mars-Uranus opposition, Mars-Venus sextile

Another close and powerful aspect in this chart is Mars at 13 Scorpio, forming an opposition to Uranus and harmonious sextile to Venus.  The opposition acts like a mirror, showing us shadow aspects we may have been ignoring, or trying to manage with defense mechanisms that no longer serve our growth.

With Mars and Venus supporting each other, this is the perfect time to do the “inner work” and clear out the proverbial cobwebs.

To assist you in the process of navigating these changes, I’ve created a recording with the most potent planetary blends to help facilitate inner and outer harmony on your journey.  Please check out the links below!

As always, I am holding the space for manifold blessings, and the revival of our thriving as we move into the New Earth Promise of the Aquarian Age.

May the Miracles Abound and Astound,


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Healing Frequencies for the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse