Hope on the Horizon: Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

When it comes to Sagittarius and the 9th House perspective it governs, its high vibration lifts us up to perceive our world from the perspective of Universal Mind.

The shadow side tempts us to perceive our world in a strictly black and white viewpoint that categorizes people and situations as totally right or totally wrong.

Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

With tomorrow’s Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse the energies are ushering in a choice such as this.

We do, however, have the option to exercise the type of faith that can trust in – and allow all perspectives to exist within – ONE universal mind.

Eclipses always involve the nodal axis, the astronomical reasons for which are beyond the scope of this newsletter, and not necessary to know in order to make the most of these energies.

The main point is that while the New Moon Eclipse ushers in a new cycle, our nodal axis is also completing a cycle in the sign of Sagittarius.  It’s time to release the shadow of Sagittarius and embrace a new cycle of hope and optimism.

The ruler of the Gemini North Node, Mercury, is conjunct the Sagittarius New Moon.  What that means is that while we are confronting the Sagittarius shadow expressed through duality and dogmatism, we are simultaneously being asked to dialog with Universal Mind, to see the big picture of all that is and has been unfolding.

Sagittarius-Gemini Axis

The Sagittarius-Gemini axis is about gathering and disseminating information.  It is concerned with the balance of acquiring data and expanding wisdom, of local communities and world affairs.  With Sagittarius on the South Node there are dogmatic aspects we are being called to release.  North Node Gemini is concluding its cycle in teaching us how to rely on our rational mind rather than to rely upon the stories that have been broadcast to the world.

Since the nodes will be changing signs mid-January, we have reached the climactic end of this cycle.  In January, the nodes shift into Scorpio-Taurus, and this will bring a burst of energy around Scorpio-Taurus issues, and the supernatural-natural.

The dark side of Scorpio is manipulation and control of power, which will be showing itself as the South Node end of this energy.  North Node in Taurus will be orienting our values toward supporting and sustaining all that is natural and organic.

Solar Eclipse Conjunct USA Ascendant – Coincidence?

New Moon Eclipse conjunct USA Ascendant

By coincidence or design, it just so happens that this New Moon Solar Eclipse at 12:22 falls within minutes of the USA’s Ascendant at 12:58.  The Ascendant sign is the lens through which one views the world and vice versa.

For the USA, this eclipse ushers in a new way of seeing the world as well as a shift in how the world sees it.  Sagittarius rising is generally seen as the free spirit longing for adventures in foreign places seeking wisdom from foreign cultures.

The narrative that’s been broadcast recently is that we have become a nation that has become hardened to the plight of foreign people, but is that really what’s happening?  When the nodes shift to the Scorpio-Taurus axis, it should become much easier to discern fact from fiction.  There will be an elimination of all false foundations so that authentic peace can ensue.

High Vibe Astrology for this Eclipse

The Sagittarius conjunction of the Sun, Moon, and Mercury also connects to Jupiter with a magical quintile, significant because Jupiter rules this eclipse.

Jupiter is sending its benevolent rays to this new moon, amplifying faith and optimism in what lies just over the horizon.

Chiron, the healer, also forms a benevolent trine to this New Moon Eclipse chart, supporting our individual expression while synching up solutions for the current storyline that seeks to divide the people.

Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

We also have a Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, softening Plutonian power struggles with Venusian love and harmony. In essence this symbolizes the transformative “power of love” impacting our society.

Mars aspects with Jupiter and Neptune

Finally, we have aspects to Mars in Scorpio, an energy that, by itself, seeks to get to the “bottom line truth”.

Mars in Scorpio will not give up until it uncovers all that is false.

Jupiter forms a square to Mars, magnifying this determination and courage to face even the darkest of truths, while Neptune forms a harmonious trine.

Neptune’s contact with Mars tends to dissolve any abrasiveness, lending compassion to the process of revealing difficult truths.

Wishing you all Peace and a New Season of Joy,


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Image Credit: NASA

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