From Trauma to Transcendent Beauty

As we enter 2021, there is an enormous opportunity for us to transcend the challenges we faced in 2020 as well as those we may have to face in 2021.  it’s important to understand that challenges are catalysts for creation, and we have the power to create the life we truly desire and deserve.

What we cannot do, however, is make choices for other people, nor can we allow other people to make choices that are ours alone to make.  The very act of choosing for someone (when they haven’t asked) causes trauma to that person.  It forces them to conform to behavior that defies who they are in their innermost being.

Conformity is not Unity

Some will voluntarily surrender their freedom believing that it is for “the good of the whole”,  that communities must all act the same, believe the same, feel the same, and speak the same in order to achieve unity.

Conformity, however, is not the way to achieve unity in community.  This path leads to individual choices being expunged and outlawed until all freedom evaporates.  While it is presented under the guise of embracing diversity, what it actually achieves is the opposite.

Understanding and allowing true diversity is to acknowledge and honor individual choice in all areas of life, even during crises. The freedom of the soul to develop, create, and discover its God-given expression, is the path to true freedom.

Those who choose freedom will not conform.  They will cultivate their unique and sacred self-expression.  By doing so, they will inspire many, and cause indignation on the part of those who mistake conformity for unity.

We are moulded from the Source of infinite expression.  So when others seek to mould us according to their will and purpose, it may be time to break that mould.  Then, like the Japanese Kintsugi bowl, a new design, unique to the individual, takes on a new and beautiful form.

The Astrological Picture for January 2021

On December 29 we had a full moon at 8 Cancer, which formed a conjunction to the USA’s Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in Cancer. This full moon completed a cycle significantly affecting our security and foundation (Cancer).

It is also illuminating the will of the people (Sun), foreign influence (Jupiter), and resources (Venus), both the negative and the positive developments.

Capricorn New Moon
Capricorn New Moon activating USA’s Pluto-Mercury opposition

Just after midnight eastern time on January 13, the Capricorn New Moon begins a brand new cycle of leadership (Capricorn), while continuing to let go of what (and who) is no longer benefiting the people.

Past Restrictions, Now the Rebirth

While the triple conjunction involving transiting Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto occupied Capricorn, we experienced all kinds of rules, regulations, and restrictions.  Now that Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Aquarius, only Pluto remains in Capricorn,

The January 13 New Moon at 23 Capricorn features a conjunction with Pluto at 24 degrees.  Transiting Pluto is completing a 248-year cycle and returning to its natal position in the USA’s birth chart for July 4, 1776.  This topic has been covered several times already. 

However, what has not yet been discussed is the opposition between the USA’s Pluto and Mercury, both of which are retrograde, which means that their energy has been expressed inwardly and indirectly rather than visibly.

Retrograde planets represent karmic lessons that are repeated until the “external” experience is integrated internally.  Once the lesson has been learned and integrated, the need to experience it in the external world disappears. 

The January 13 New Moon begins a new cycle regarding these energies, and we will soon discover if we, as a nation, have truly learned this lesson or not.

Pluto (hidden power) at 27 Capricorn (leaders) in the 2nd house of resources in an opposition to Mercury (communication/media) at 24 Cancer in the 8th house of secrets, signifies that information has been deliberately withheld from the public.

This lunar cycle will certainly begin a new path for us to discover exactly what has been kept hidden and by whom.

Post Trauma Self-Empowerment

Houses 2 and 8 govern finances, resources, and values.  The 2nd-8th house axis expresses the polarities of acquisition and loss, accumulation and deterioration, construction and destruction, building up and tearing down.

In balance, they work together, exchanging energy to let go of what is no longer working and transform it into what is beneficial for growth.  Transformation is the result of both energies working together in harmony.

When the energies are polarized, they become stuck. Think of a seesaw with one person weighted and grounded while the other is suspended in air.  Who has the power?  Certainly not the one suspended in air.

Without movement, there is no balance or exchange, and without an exchange, all energy flows in one direction.  This causes stagnation and excess power on the weighted end, while those in the air experience a complete loss of power.

Now that Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Aquarius, we will begin to feel and see more movement.  However, until Pluto reaches the degree it occupied on July 4,1776, the USA will continue to experience labor pains until its “re”birth is complete on 2/20/22.

At that point, Pluto will have completed its cycle teaching us about the correct use of power, and we will have seen what happens in both extremes: 1) when power is abused and desecrates the innocent, and 2) when individual power is unconsciously surrendered to unscrupulous leaders.

We have to hold sacred the power we possess within us to cultivate willpower strong enough and determined enough to not give our power away to unscrupulous leaders.

Revealing the InVisible 

Because both Pluto and Mercury are retrograde and oppose each other in the 2nd and 8th houses, what would normally be visible has remained cloaked in secrecy.

This is due to the fact that Pluto rules the 8th house of secrets and hidden power, is retrograde, and sits in opposition to Mercury (communication).  The 8th house rules power, resources, sexuality, taxes, inheritances, trauma, loss, death and transformation.

With Mercury retrograde in the 8th house, all communication regarding these topics has been hidden or manipulated to keep the truth from being known.  As we move toward the Leo Full Moon on January 28, we will surely know part or all of this information.

As revelations break through into public awareness, it could very well be shattering to many, breaking hearts and confounding minds.  It’s important that people support each other through this process.

From Brokenness to Beauty

Just as some remedies taste bitter, we have to remember that the process of healing is not always sweet.  When a disease has continued without detection, it can often be a difficult road back to health.

Likewise, if a body has endured a chronic parasitic infection, there will be some disgusting, abhorrent, and vile excretions before complete healing can take place.  At the same time, it’s important to remember that returning to wholeness and healing is by no means impossible.

If we choose the path of healing, synonymous with freedom, we must commit to it with unwavering conviction and perseverance.  Giving in to a diagnosis that “the world is lost, beyond hope and help” sentences those who hold that belief to that very outcome.

Like the Japanese Kintsugi bowl that shattered and broke into several pieces, we have to entrust our brokenness to the Divine “Repairer”, who applies the golden elixir of love to restore its beauty and wholeness.

After its restoration it contains luminous veins of gold where brokenness had once been.  Rather than trying to hide its flaws, it highlights the trauma endured throughout its journey, and is able to celebrate its new, unique beauty.

By embracing its imperfections and reuniting with all of its “parts” it also symbolizes diversity within unity, and our own multi-faceted world.

This is the vision I hold for America, land of the free and home of the brave and, most especially, for the world.

May it be so, and may infinite blessings flow,