In Search of our Soul Tribe

There are powerful energies in this month’s astrology that set things in motion to help us find and reunite with our soul tribe. Along with the New Moon in Scorpio on November 7, the nodal axis (axis of destiny) shifted from Leo-Aquarius to Cancer-Capricorn. For the last eighteen months many of us have been on a quest to determine what it is our heart (Leo) really wants and how to express that among our peers (Aquarius). Now that the nodes have shifted signs we will begin a new quest to identify our soul tribe (Cancer) so that we may establish connection with those of a similar calling and career based upon integrity (Capricorn).

Uranus Creates Tension for Change

At the same time the nodes shifted, Uranus formed an exact square; this activates the potential for sudden insights into what needs to change in our individual lives so that we can be free to find our new “home in the world” symbolized by the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Uranus seeks to level the playing field wherever there has been injustice, and this will be felt both individually and collectively. With the New Moon in Scorpio also happening on November 7 a new cycle has begun in the area of life Scorpio influences in your chart.

To find out how it affects you, order your free chart. Once you have your chart and know the house in which Scorpio resides, you can use the information below as a quick reference for the area of life that will be affected by this New Moon, as well as the nodes and Uranus’s influence of change.

Houses (Areas of Life):
1st – identity, behavior, physical appearance/body; 2nd – resources, personal earnings/values, 3rd – siblings, neighborhood, communication; 4th emotional security, privacy, home, foundation; 5th – creativity, romance, play; 6th – health, daily work, routine; 7th – legal partnerships (business or personal); 8th – intimacy, intense emotional encounters, the occult, others’ finances; 9th – expansion, big picture, travel to foreign places, philosophy/religion, higher consciousness/higher learning; 10th – career, calling, destiny, public life; 11th – social interaction, social causes, politics, groups, future hopes and dreams; 12th – mysticism, dreams, self-undoing or making, channeled art form, psychic/spiritual encounters.

Scorpio: Still Waters Run Deep

Scorpio’s modern ruler, Pluto, is lending positive support to this New Moon, which deals with issues of empowerment vs. exploitation, releasing blame and shame (of self or others), and the projection of shadow onto others. “Still waters run deep” accurately describes the Scorpio energy, so while it may appear that one is calm and in control there are intense emotions roiling beneath the surface. As a water sign, Scorpio requires time to “process” energy before it can authentically express itself. This helps to mitigate the potential impulsivity and aggression of its traditional co-ruler Mars. However, with Uranus squaring the nodes, things that have been buried for quite a while may indeed rise to the surface for healing and release.

Full Moon in Gemini November 23rd

By the time we get to the full moon in Gemini on November 23rd, Jupiter will have been in its home sign (Sagittarius) for a few weeks. Having left Scorpio right after the New Moon, it sits at 3° Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun and opposing the moon. Although the Moon is in Gemini, we see that Gemini’s ruler, Mercury sits at 10° Sagittarius, forming a wide conjunction to the Sun and Jupiter. This means that we have a very “Sagittarian” Gemini Moon. Sagittarius and its ruling planet, Jupiter, are concerned with matters of faith, foreign culture, philosophy, and expanding the mind to see beyond duality perspective (Gemini). So this full moon will be illuminating a much larger picture than the one from the confines of our immediate environment.

Yod to Venus from Sedna and Chiron

In the chart of the full moon, we have a Yod forming from Sedna and Chiron to Venus. The Yod is a subtle, yet powerful aspect involving two quincunxes to the focal planet (Venus) between two planets in sextile (60°) to each other (in this case Chiron and Sedna). Venus (immortal goddess), is activated by Chiron (the wounded healer) and Sedna. Sedna’s energy represents the disenfranchised aspects of self and society. As the immortal sea woman abandoned and left to drown in the Arctic sea, she gives birth to all the sea mammals that provide sustenance to the Inuit. We can see parallels and commonalities between Sedna’s message and mythology to both Venus (immortal goddess) and Chiron (wounded healer). As the focal point, Venus, who naturally wants to connect rather than disenfranchise, is seeking the integration of Chiron and Sedna through Venusion expression.

Together, this aspect offers the opportunity for advanced soul level work (represented by the Yod aspect) around embodying the Divine Feminine who accepts ALL of who we are and all beings in Creation. Sedna’s message and mythology reminds us to respect the Earth and our environment, particularly water, as it is the sustainer of life. But water also represents the vast mystery of the unknown, echoing Scorpio’s “still waters run deep” in addition to another aspect known as the T-square.

T-Square to Mars from the Moon and Sun/Jupiter
In this aspect, we have the formation of a “T” with Mars forming a 90° angle (square) that divides the opposition between the Moon and Sun/Jupiter. Mars in the sign of Pisces asks us to pollinate the mystic inside and cultivate meditation as the means to achieving our desired outcome. However, there comes a time to put what we’ve learned into action, and knowing how to balance the inner mystic with Mars determination becomes the challenge in this configuration. The fact that Mars is in a wide conjunction with Neptune, ruler of Pisces, emphasizes confusion around how to accomplish this while calling for compassion that drives the need to do so.

In its square to the Moon and Sun/Jupiter, “T” stands for tension that must be resolved, and the Sagittarian flavor of this “Gemini” moon seeks to find balance between personal mind and the larger picture of which we all are part. Sagittarius seeks to learn from foreign cultures and people from all walks of life, while Pisces understands that we are all connected through the ocean of consciousness (echoing Sedna’s influence). These two energies seek congruency. However, full moons bring to light the shadow aspect of those in society who, in this case, reveal fearful and defensive responses that seek to protect one’s personal space, home, and point of view. Our task as individuals is to do the inner work necessary to heal our own ancient, ancestral and personal wounds (Moon) so that we may neutralize and retract the collective “shadow” that continues to dominate and divide our world.

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